American Standard Warranty/Returned Goods Information


For Contractor purchases made at a wholesale distributor - Warranty/Returned Goods Info:

Some of our products are sold through wholesale distribution. All warranty claims require the model and serial number of the unit be provided to verify warranty eligibility. Many parts on our units are common and universal in design such as oil burner parts. The distributors stock many of these parts that can be used on our units. They also stock many Thermo Products specific parts as well. Most distributors will sell and invoice the repair part to the contractor and then process the warranty claim on their behalf.  The selling price of a repair part is often more than the manufacturer’s credit amount. This difference is the responsibility of the contractor.

For American Standard Distributor Use Only - Online Warranty/Returned Goods Claims:

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Warranty/Returned Good Info for Complete Units, Complete Oil Burners and Heat Exchangers
Must be Approved in Advance

Warranty claims on complete units, complete oil burners and heat exchangers must be approved in advance.  Contact Tech Service for advanced approval.  For Heat Exchanger claims, please complete the form below.

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